Vincent // Critic


A restaurant born-baby, I grew-up in a family restaurant business and was raised within a culture of good food.  Educated by my father and the chef-patron, a regular at the Paris’ Rungis Market, I have continued my family’s interest the restaurant trade since I moved to Britain in 2004.  As a keen cook, my heritage is in French cuisine, though my experiences of multicultural London, I have fostered a love of the more exotic cooking that this city is unrivalled for.  I seek-out the best quality produce and experience tells me you pay for what you get.  Perfect cooking for me lies in the achievement of turning the best produce into truly memorable experiences.

Nicholas // Critic


A native of New Zealand by way of Canada, I have lived in Britain for over ten years now.  My interest in food had humble beginnings working as a K.P. and waiter in the ‘best restaurant’ of my provincial city.  Learning to appreciate flavours and cooking skills from the chefs, I have continued to hone my cooking skills at home.  With Asian fusion making a big impact in New Zealand, I have been broadening my knowledge of European cooking since my arrival in London.  Alongside that, I’ve followed the rise of British restaurant ratings, and have seen how up-and-down they can be.  My hope is that vialaporte will be able to give you some sound advice about where to eat.

Izzy // Critic


French, and living in London for five years now.  When people ask me why I decided to move, my answer is always the same: I was desperately too French!  I had lived around Paris for my entire life, so for me London was the place to meet people from all around the world, and learn about their life.  What I hadn’t thought of though, was that they would have come with their cuisine.  By leaving France, I thought I was giving-up on food.  Lucky for me I was wrong.  The diversity of food is absolutely fabulous.  Of course, not all restaurants deserve a star, but a lot of them are really special.  I hope that by sharing my view, I will help you to get the most out of them.