The Boundary Restaurant // Shoreditch // London

Anyone who counts themselves as a terrace connoisseur would have to score the Boundary’s rooftop highly.  Though, if you’re more interested in food than the sun, don’t feel bad about eating in the basement restaurant; here you’ll find their serious menu.  While both spots are equally nice decor wise, the restaurant is more interesting and unusual.  With a whimsical painting on a wavy ceiling, intimate small alcoves and a bar where you could easily imagine James Bond having a drink – the atmosphere is as good for business as it is for a romantic dinner.  And the glass fronted kitchen shows that they take their French food serious here too, not just design.

If you miss the charcuterie or cheese trolleys rolling about, one look at the menu (written in French) will let you know what kind of cuisine to expect.  With the help of a bilingual waiter, you’ll find a selection of well executed starters including bisque, escargots Bourguignon and steak tartare.

Then for mains, the recommendation would definitely be the filet de bœuf à la Bordelaise with a side of aligot.  The quality of the beef is fantastic and the red wine sauce goes perfectly with this specialty from Auvergne; potato purée with mild melted tome fraîche cheese.

For a lighter meal, the seafood platter is ideal, with mussels, oysters, crayfish, pre-cracked lobster and crab, cockles and even winkles.

And in between heavy and light is a great selection of dishes for you to mull-over for your next visit.  The spit-roasted meat is outstanding, particularly the cochon de lait, or you might want to pick something that you may have spied being prepared through the kitchen window.

Also, and very importantly, the Boundary’s sommeliers are passionate and knowledgeable; their advice is well worth taking.

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