Terroirs // Covent Garden // London

Oddly placed between Trafalgar Square, Charing Cross and Covent Garden is Terroirs; perhaps not the kind of area that a foodie would dream to eat in.  But those who look down their nose at this establishment will be missing-out.  Despite the location, the restaurant is not filled with tourists.  The regulars here are all sorts of Londoners – business colleagues, friends, even couples on their first date.  As for the menu, it’s pure French bistrot.

Starters are designed to be shared with a strong focus on charcuterie.  Well-thought-out platters offer great selections of meat, including rillettes and different sorts of salami like ventrèche.

Then for mains, you can carry on sharing with the whole roast chicken a la bière; an unusual recipe which is worth tasting.  Everything is fresh and tasty, like the aioli with the hake, or tender like the duck cooked medium rare.  One problem though, you may enjoy mains so much that you will be too full to order cheese or a desert.

Having said that, the desert selection is certainly more limited, but you’ll still find it hard to make your mind-up.  If you’re feeling greedy and want to keep eating, choose the îles flottantes, which is as good as crème brûlée, but certainly not as common.

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