Tapeo // Barcelona // Spain

If you’re heading to Barcelona and plan to visit the Picasso Museum in El Born, you should definitely call into Tapeo for some of the best tapas (or “tapes” as the Catalan say) in the city. This narrow restaurant crams in both locals and international visitors who have come to taste traditional dishes made with incredible products. While it’s not the best looking food in the world (i.e. lots of beige), it’s pretty damn tasty.

Though one dish where some colour can be found is in the cod salad. Cut into slithers, lightly marinated in lemon and covered with a concasse of punchy Spanish tomato, this fish dish is amazingly fresh. As it’s served on the borderline of sashimi, it’s a great choice to balance-out some of the heavier options on the menu.

A fried dish well worth ordering is the rabbit cutlets, which are served with a gutsy garlic Mayonnaise. While once again quite simple, the rabbit meat just melts in your mouth, with some of the bones fine (and crunchy) enough to eat; great texture! The foie gras and rare beef burger is also a delicious treat; juicy and cooked to perfection.

For dessert, try the el Bulli style crema Catalana mousse, made with a siphon for extra lightness and grilled under the salamander to give it an Italian meringue finish; a brilliant way to complete your tapas meal.

While Tapeo does things simply, it does them really well. We definitely recommend that you add it to your list of casual dining ideas for Barcelona. You’ll remember it for a long time to come!