Sola ★ // Paris 5ème // France

One good thing about Paris is that it’s the best place on earth to enjoy high quality fusion. Real fusion, with techniques from a particular country, adapted to local ingredients. This is exactly what chef Hiroki Yoshitake does magnificently at Sola.

Downstairs there is a traditional tatami style dining room, while the ground floor has normal table seating. Among all the seven courses you’ll enjoy, which are decided by the chef (of course taking care of allergies) there is a showcase of amazing quality products, which are often exceptional and rare.

Such as the dark tomatoes and stracciatella di bufala salad, covered with layers of yellow beetroot. Creamy and sweet, the cheese melts in your mouth. This fresh and harmonious combination of ingredients sits in some tomato fluid, which is great for dipping your baguette into.

The warm salad with Parmesan velouté and red pepper reduction is also stunning. The number of ingredients is impressive and the cooking is perfection. Sweet potatoes, crunchy radish, girolles, asparagus etc (We won’t list them all) – all cooked al dente.

The fish course of cod “steak” is covered with sweet butternut layer, grated yuzu, ginger relish and a crustacean jus. Both tangy and milky at same time; exceptional.

In fact, all of the dishes are exceptional, though this review would end-up being too long if I told you about all of them. If you’re looking for a fantastic discovery of food in Paris and a high-level of fusion, Sola is for you. In a nutshell, let the chef be your guide, close your eyes and enjoy.