Succulent Atlantic Smoked Salmon // The Connemara Smokehouse

DSCF0266Family-owned and run since 1979, Connemara is one of the oldest smokehouses in Western Ireland. Graham and Saoirse Roberts personally manage every aspect of their business; selecting and preparing the fish, the beechwood smoking, packaging and delivery!

Graham, a second generation smoker, uses traditional smoking methods handed down by his father. Using only the finest natural ingredients, they deliver the highest quality smoked salmon in Ireland. No wonder they win so many awards!

The speciality of the house, wild Atlantic salmon, is sourced locally from local Connemara fishermen. But they also offer organic and farmed salmon, both sourced along the Irish west coast. Their range include, for each of these three varieties: traditional smoked, honey-roast smoked and gravadlax (marinated with salt, sugar, dill and Irish whiskey).

These delicious smoked salmons are all available online