Rococo chocolates // the love of chocolates

IMG_6478-001Chantal Coady opened Rococo Chocolates 30 years ago on the Kings Road in London, to share her love of chocolate with everyone. After selling chocolates in a luxury department store, she realised the industry was too conservative and decided to inject some fun in it, designing an extravagant store where she mainly sold French and Belgian chocolates.

The company is now producing its own chocolates, saying no to artificial vanilla, too much sugar and hydrogenated vegetable fat, supporting Chantal’s belief that chocolate can actually be good for you! You can now indulge without feeling guilty… More recently, Rococo Chocolates teamed-up with the Grenada Chocolate Company to buy a cocoa farm that now produces the Grococo beans (organic Trinitario cocoa beans) to use in their organic range.

Rose and violet creams in dark chocolate are amongst the most famous Rococo chocolates, but you can also try the almond marzipan, Venus nipples (coffee ganache in white chocolate) and lips (dark chocolate covered in white chocolate and hand-painted) or a hand-painted chocolate figurine.

These fabulous chocolates are available online on their website, and in their four shops in the UK:

Rococo Chocolates will be at the Speciality Chocolate Fair from 8th-10th September.