Gidleigh Park ★★ // South Devon // England

Exceeded expectations

Michael Wignall, the former **2 star chef at the Latimer at Pennyhill Park, took over from Michael Caines at Gidleigh Park in 2016, where Caines had given 20 years of strong and creative service. Wignall is now on …

Galvin Bistrot de Luxe // Marylebone // London

Exceeded expectations

Bistrots and brasseries may be all over London nowadays, but there was once a time when they weren’t common at all. Galvin Bistrot de Luxe on frantic Baker Street has been fulfilling that brief in its secluded dining …

Pottoka // 7ème // Paris

Exceeded expectations
Pottoka Paris 7

Following hot on the heels of restaurants from Aveyron, Basque has become the new hit cuisine in Paris. Restaurants like L’Ami Jean and l’Entredgeu are great, and now, Pottoka has been added to our list. Chef Sébastien Gravé …

A. WONG // Victoria // London

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Honey roasted foie gras with candied pork jerky and pomelo

Across the blogosphere, there’s frenzy of admiration for what must be London’s favourite casual Chinese restaurant. Review after review salivates over a famous bunch of dishes on the A. Wong menu, and ours is no different. While A. …

Turner’s Restaurant ★ // Birmingham // ...

Exceeded expectations
Birmingham Turners 4

Birmingham. Perhaps not the British city you think of for its gastronomic prowess, but the West Midlands’ capital has been quietly establishing itself as the UK’s second starred destination behind London. The clear evidence of this is a …

Two Cats Kitchen // Birmingham // West Midlands

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Birmingham Two Cats 13

It’s not every day you get to try and new concept in cooking, particularly one as outlandish as “Baltic-Russian”. On the face on it, it sounds heavy and hearty. However, Two Cats Kitchen in Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter …

L’Origine ★ // Rouen // France

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Origine Rouen 02

Rouen is a very attractive medieval city just over an hour away from Paris. Offering an imposing cathedral, a fairy-tale like big clock and the spot where Joan of Arc had her head lopped-off; there is something for …

Mirador de Ulía ★ // San Sebastian // Spain

Exceeded expectations
Mirador de Ulía de San Sebastian 5

If you like the idea of combining amazingly creativity food with one of the most beautiful views over San Sebastian, then Mirador de Ulía is somewhere you should eat. Chef Ruben Trincado has worked in some highly respected …

Restaurante 100 Maneiras // Lisbon // Portugal

Exceeded expectations

If you find yourself in Lisbon and want to try some inventive cookery, Bonsian chef Ljubomir Stanisic has adopted the famous flavours of Portugal to create a memorable dining experience. Although his taverna style restaurant fits perfectly in …