Pierre Marcolini // exceptional chocolates

IMG_0184 picasa-001Belgium is known for its waffles, mussels and french fries (yes, they are originally from Belgium), and of course chocolates. Belgian chocolates have always been a guarantee of quality, but chocolates from Pierre Marcolini, one of Belgium’s greatest chocolatiers, reach another level; perfection. Marcolini travels around the world to meet producers to select the best beans that he then transforms into delicate, intense and light chocolate. One of his most famous chocolates (from the “Pralines” range) is the “Coeur Framboise” (fresh raspberry ganache with a lemon zest twist,  white chocolate layers and a glossy, red colouring sprayed on the finished chocolates), while the “Saveurs du Monde” collection is a perfect way to discover choclates from aroundbthe world.

To buy these little morsels of happiness, head to:
Verde & Co, 40 Brushfield Street, Spiltafields, London, E1 6AG, tel: 0207 247 1924.

Alternatively, you can order online at: www.marcolini-eboutique.com