Odette’s // Primrose Hill // London

Chef Bryn Williams has created a unique dining experience at his Primrose Hill restaurant Odette’s. Diners are dotted across a few different rooms so you won’t feel like you’re sharing your meal with neighbours. There is also a lovely garden for spring and summer days, which is one of few places in London where you can enjoy Michelin star quality food outside. Though if the weather isn’t so good, you can always start your experience with a cocktail at the bar downstairs, which is cosy and homely.

The chef has brought some really good skills from his native Wales, as well as from his time at Le Gavroche, The Orrery and with the Galvin brothers. When you arrive at the restaurant, everything looks perfect; the area, the interior, the staff… But how’s the food? Michelin has yet to give Williams a first star, but we certainly think he deserves one.

For sure, you need to have the tasting menu. Although it’s not as long as some Michelin menus in terms of courses, it is very well balanced. The foie gras dish is something of a house specialty. Foie gras cannelloni is served with rare, perfectly cooked pigeon and a chocolate sauce. This dish is outstanding – the acidity alongside the foie gras and bitterness of the chocolate, all goes perfectly with the pigeon. You won’t forgot Williams treatment of seafood either. Welsh cheeses ares served,  followed by a slightly underwhelming dessert, which is nothing exceptional. Though, there are plenty of starred restaurants in the UK that don’t excel at desserts so we can’t be too critical here!

After these few words, we hope you’ll book a table at Odette’s. The service is very nice, the atmosphere amazing and the cooking is imaginative and expertly executed. By overly concentrating on restaurants in Mayfair and Soho, Michelin have missed a trick here. We think Williams’s cooking deserves some serious recognition. Certainly a PLUS review for us.

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