Oblix // Southwark // London

How can you not be impressed by the magnificence of The Shard?  While Dubai is the undisputed home of skyscraper supremacy, the shape and size of The Shard are absolutely amazing. With one of its restaurants on the 32nd floor, the almost surreal silence of the lift rockets you up to your destination in less than 10 seconds. After the doors open, you’ll take a few steps into the dark corridors leading to Oblix. In the bar, you’ll be suddenly confronted by the full view. Embrace it, it’s stunning! After your aperitif, head to the restaurant and enjoy your path through the kitchen. The wood fire oven, the massive pieces of meats in the glass fridge, the fresh herbs and vegetables on display – just a sample of the products that await you.

Once confronted with the menu, you may find it difficult to actually make-up your mind. Everything looks appealing but the descriptions are brief. For starters, the soft shell crab and crab cakes shouldn’t be missed. They are literally balls of crab meat with a sprinkling of fresh herbs in a thin and very light breadcrumb. They are served with a sweet and sour jelly, which give a pleasant twist to what you might expect. The seared-beef is nice too, with just enough fat to make it tasty and tender. The salads are also a good choice, particularly the blue cheese, pomegranate and crispy pancetta, which tastes as good as it looks!

As for mains, the risk-free choice is to go for one of the signature dishes; the veal or the lamp chop. The quality of the meat is unquestionable and the cooking is exact. The beef tenderloin is another good choice and could easily satisfy two. Fish wise, the grilled Dover sole should be chosen over the black cod, which doesn’t quite hit the mark.

After such a protein feast, dessert might be the last thing on your mind, but if you have room, the vanilla cheesecake is very well done. The cheese selection is served with a fresh sultana & hazelnut bread, which is also really enjoyable.

And while you may expect to pay a premium for the location, the bill is in line with many similar style restaurants in The City.

While Oblix is not the place to go for a revolutionary meal, the quality and freshness of the products are unquestionable. The service is professional and pleasant and of course the view is pretty much unbeatable.

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