NOPI // Soho // London

Ottolenghi is one of the best delicatessens to go to for fresh, healthy and eclectic dishes from different Mediterranean cuisines.  And recently, driven by his philosophy of sharing experiences, Mr. Ottolenghi has opened his first restaurant: NOPI.

As soon as you pass through the doors, you feel like you’re in a clean and bright kitchen.  A counter at the entrance is covered with superb freshly baked loaves and enormous plates of the daily dipping pre-prandial dishes like hummus or aubergine caviar.  It’s an inviting touch that makes you feel right at home.

Once seated, the menu offers you three tasting categories, Veggies, Fish & Meat, which are designed to be shared (with Dessert to follow).  All of them contain a perfect mix between fresh ingredients and herbs and nut flavours.  Burrata with coriander seeds, seared organic prawns with fennel, roasted rib-eye with truffle oil and almonds; all of them are simply addictive.  And the beauty of these medleys is that they surprise your palate, but are still within the boundaries of less adventurous gourmets.

Alongside this inspired selection of food is a range of well-chosen wines and drinks to enhance the experience.  The chef even encourages his guests to enjoy their dish with some sake, in an effort to push their tastes a bit further.

Service is pleasant, efficient but discreet – and helps to create a perfect evening with friends or family.  You’ll also leave feeling like you’ve had a reasonable value-for-money meal.

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