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All You Need to Know About Moscat

Muscadel is a sweet wine native to South Africa but in other parts of the world, it’s more commonly known as Moscato and it is often paired with myriad kinds of desserts. The Moscato grape or the Muscat is often found in Italy specifically in the northwest region of Piedmont. This sparkling white wine is also a popular aperitif or aperitivo paired with tiny bites of savory morsels of deli meats and cheeses which is a popular Italian eating tradition. The more popular Asti Spumante from the town of Asti is also a close relative of this particular wine and goes perfectly well with brunch too.
Moscato possesses a distinct frizzante due to its semi sparkling quality and light bodied feature. Its fruity profile is typically sweet but not too saccharine where its effervescence can cut through any palate. Another stunning quality of the Moscato is that it has a remarkable aromatic profile where it ranges from citrus, honeysuckle and ripe peach and apricot notes. The balance of its sweetness and acidity makes the Moscato a venerable contender with other varieties as well. For example, fruit canapés and parfaits and even dainty pastries go well with the medium sweetness and fizz of M&S Wine’s Moscato Rose Doux NV which is not bad for a supermarket wine according to Susy Atkins of the Telegraph. So it’s no surprise that the Moscato is making headlines all over the world of vino and rest assured Moscato is bringing in amateur and seasoned palates alike.

The Moscato trend is by no means just a wine cooler movement. In 2011 sales grew by an incredible 78% according to a Nielsen survey. Wine giant, Gallo was reported to have purchased all the available bulk Moscato in Italy to accommodate to the demands of the market. No wonder rap superstar Drake paid homage to this in his hit song, Do It Now. There’s a dizzying array of sparkling Moscato found anywhere but to narrow it down to quality, there are only a handful that can appeal to even the pickiest palates.

Known for its first rate Moscato d’Asti, the Piedmontese producer Saracco produced their Moscato version which boasts of intense peach aromas and a subtle semi sparkling element that makes it a perfect dessert wine. The Marcarini is another Piedmont native producer and they do it in an excellent manner too—creamy and frothy just like dessert. Finally for those who are looking for an excellent aperitif, the Cameron Hughes Lot 311 Moscato is just as luscious and will not ruin your appetite for dinner.