Moro // Islington // London

Moro seems to have been one of East London’s ‘go-to’ restaurant references for as long as we can remember. Famous for its fusion of Spanish / Middle-Eastern cuisine, bookings at this ever popular spot are an absolute essential for the dinner service. Part of its ongoing success must certainly lie in its atmosphere. With a long bar and cosy wood tables scattered about, the large room is an invitation to conviviality.

Regarding the food, the menu offers a great selection that changes with the seasons. As a starter, the warm peppers stuffed with salt cod brandada is very pleasant, while the mixed vegetable mezze gives you an opportunity to taste a more traditional Middle-Eastern dishes. Served with freshly baked pita bread, the spicy lentils salad, humus and tzatziki are tasty and ideal for sharing.

For mains, the charcoal-grilled bream with grilled peppers, tahini sauce and tomato is tasty, though you’ll need to fillet the fish yourself. If you’re not feeling that technical, the sea bass & clam stew is a much easier choice. However, it’s only served with some artichoke and fennel and tastes quite bland. You might be better to select a meat dish instead.

As for desserts, the yogurt cake with pistachios and pomegranate looks a bit messy on the plate but it is actually much lighter than you expect and is quite nice. If you want something with a stronger flavour, try the chocolate and apricot tart.

Overall, the recipes are not as creative and adventurous as you might expect, and the presentation isn’t going to wow you. But what will impress is the freshness and quality of ingredients, and it’s undeniable that the portions are very generous!

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