Clos Maggiore // Covent Garden // London

Are you looking for a romantic restaurant in London? For a proposal, for Valentine’s Day or just for a date? Without any doubt, Clos Maggiore is one of London’s best places for authentic food in a magical atmosphere. Marcelin Marc, the chef will take you on a journey to the south of France and northern Italy.

Set in a mansion house in Covent Garden, the foyer is panelled with sumptuous glossy wood. Clos Maggiore’s decor is warm and cosy, with several separated romantic rooms set over two floors. At the back of the ground floor, you’ll find a fairy-tale conservatory with a fireplace and its ceiling decorated with foliage and flowers. Romantic stuff!

Service is impeccable, and the wine list is as thick as a phone book (if you can remember what those are!) The food served is wonderfully tasty, which tells you a lot about the quality of the produce. Don’t expect overly complex and elaborate creations, at Clos Maggiore, they focus on the ingredients, which they use well.

For starters, why not trying the Loire rabbit, nicely presented in ballotine with the leg and a wholegrain mustard mousse. Perfectly balanced, served with transparent, thin slices of black radish. The velvety texture of the meat is wonderfully offset by the spicy mustard; totally delicious. Another great choice is the perfectly seared foie gras, on a bed of fine green beans with gingerbread toast and a rhubarb quenelle. Nothing shocking, but very well executed. Another French classic on the menu is the pan-fried scallops with mashed leek. Once again, everything is balanced and tasty.

For mains, duck breast with a reduced jus is rich and thick. Small potatoes are covered with Iberico ham – simple, but comforting. The fillet of roasted lamb is cooked to pink perfection, served on a Parmesan polenta.

Clos Maggiore is an idyllic place “par excellence”. Your lover will certainly be impressed if you book a table for the two of them there.

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