L’Entredgeu // 17ème // Paris

There are few things better than finding a great, local bistro – and we have the renowned Parisian restaurant l’Ami Jean to thank for this discovery! Featuring on its own list of great places to eat, l’Entredgeu is a buzzing Basque restaurant in the residential area of Place de Champeret near the Champs Elysée.

The atmosphere is definitely local with tables of friends, entwined lovers and Paris’ bourgeois-bohèmes…a promising start. Everything that’s served has been chosen with meticulous care, from the ingredients to the wines, to ensure that guests have the perfect evening.

The menu is fixed price, three courses for a very reasonable 35 Euros. Some dishes require a supplement but each one of them is worth the extra cost.

Among all the choices, you’ll find an oh so French starter, a carpaccio of veal head pâté (yes, you read that right). This typical dish, here served warm, is sliced and dressed in a mustard and shallots sauce. While it may sound unusual, its melting texture has made it a bistro classic. It also shows a serious amount of work from the chef, and the final result is a very good example.

The pomme macaire is also a great dish. Potato, stuffed with a velvety boudin noir (the French version of black pudding). Sweet and rich and crispy around the edges, it’s another simple bistro showcase. The roasted cod is also superb, simply accompanied by a fennel and carrot purée. Chorizo, razor clams and piquillo peppers add touches of the Southwest and balance the dish out well.

Menus change daily depending on what high-quality seasonal produce is available. While you may not be able to count on finding your favourite Basque dish, you’ll certainly find something else to leave you feeling satisfied. L’Entredgeu is a great place for a casual meal in a non-touristy setting.