The Ledbury ★★ // Notting Hill // London

Known across London as Zagat’s best restaurant and across the world as one of the top 20 San Pellegrino restaurants, The Ledbury was awarded **2 stars two years ago. Located in Nothing Hill between the bustle Portobello Road and Westbound Grove’s smart shops, the restaurant’s Australian chef Brett Graham has found the secret to dining success.

Both English and French staff offer a pleasant welcome, with many of the customers seeming to come from the area. Surrounded by large windows and mirrors, you will immediately feel special in this elegant environment. It’s probably one of the rare starred restaurants in London where you feel like you’re not in the city.

Dishes are perfectly executed. As a house specialty, the seafood is absolutely amazing. The oyster Chantilly and tartare is very delicate and the mackerel is perfectly cooked and extremely fresh; both are must haves. So too is the brill, especially with its surprising black quinoa decoration. Following this, the quail and grouse help to remind you that it’s hunting season, and the remarkable Galloway beef is the final savoury dish. What’s the best way to describe it? The smell and atmosphere of sitting beside a Scottish fireplace on a winter’s evening.

So from the beginning to this point, everything is impeccable. However, this is where it ends. Sadly, the desserts are not up to a **2 star standard. They are nice, but they aren’t anything that you couldn’t find in a good gastro pub.

Despite this, the Ledbury deserves its **2 stars. Diners will all enjoy a very high level of gastronomy. Even if it does take this talented young chef some time to get to the next level, he certainly has the skills to do it.

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