L’Anima // The City // London

In the heart of The City, just beside most major financial institutions, is L’Anima.  This incredibly elegant establishment combines an immaculate restaurant with a more relaxing area designed to enjoy drinks and nibbles.  Instead of using the chic transparent chairs from the dining room, superb white leather couches are on offer; the ones you can only dream of fitting into your flat.  Enormous glass windows are certainly another detail which makes L’Anima one of the most gorgeous places on the East side of London.

Having said that, since location and design cannot be the main features of any restaurant, let’s consider the food.

Unfortunately for the diner, the elegance of the front of house hasn’t yet passed through the kitchen doors.  Indeed, the Italian menu doesn’t have much more to offer than a nice trattoria.  The quality of the fish or meat is unquestionable, however, the cooking doesn’t seem to live-up to the appetising description on the menu.  Elegant and sophisticated sounding dishes turn-out to be very basic, especially if you go for something off the grill.  Some smart ingredients like caviar and truffle are used as finishing touches, but in the end, the prices seems more linked to The City customers than anything else.

The wine list is impressive and the sommelier is ready to help, much like the rest of the front of house team.

Because it is more style over substance, L’Anima is a place to go if you want to impress.

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