L’Angelique // Versailles // France

Paris is a great place for a foodie break. Not only are there a large number of highly rated restaurants, they are also highly consistent in their cooking. If you’re planning to have a day trip to Versailles, we suggest that you break-up your day by eating at l’Angelique. Régis Douysset serves inventive, beautiful, and above all delicious cuisine for relaxed gatherings of family and friends, not far from the chateau.

One thing that really stands-out as your first course arrives at l’Angelique is how beautifully presented the plates are. Vibrant colours, clean, architectural lines, all with varieties of form and textures. The “marshland composition” demonstrates this wonderfully. Three plump, lightly battered frog legs, a dainty layered stack of rye bread and smoked eel and some meltingly soft marinated langoustine tails – decorated with dabs of parsley emulsion and pulled together with a poppy seed-covered soft cheese cube. While it’s certainly a complicated dish to plate, the tastes and textures, though different, come together to create a mouth-watering masterpiece. The frog legs will be the juiciest and most tender you have ever eaten.

Main courses share the same dazzling taste and composition. The monk fish steaks are moist and rich, sitting on a bed of buttery girolles, alongside some extraordinary onions, which have been confit in the lightest liquor to bring-out their natural sweetness. Thought it’s the luxurious but fresh orange emulsion that really pulls this dish together, creating balance between the fresh and rich components.

Desserts are put together with the kind of care that we so often miss in high-level British restaurants. The choux pastry “religieuses” are filled with deep cherry and pistachio ganache and accompanied by an outrageously concentrated cherry sorbet and a thick pistachio ice cream.  Beautiful decoration makes this fabulous dessert all the more satisfying.

L’Angelique shows just how *1 star restaurants should be, much like La Grande Cascade not far from the centre of Paris. Incredible flavours, outstanding presentation and engaging service. Definitely a great way to reward yourself after an afternoon wandering about Versailles.