Kopapa // Covent Garden // London

Popular and lively, this café restaurant, right on Seven Dials in Covent Garden is a favourite spot for friends to meet-up for anything from a coffee, to a cocktail, brunch to a light dinner.  Chef Peter Gordon’s philosophy comes from the Maori word, Kopapa, meaning a gathering, which is exactly what this place does; brings people together.

The service style here is more attentive than a café, yet relaxed for a restaurant; a nice balance that works well.  Cocktails are inventive and produced with care.  Coffee comes from the Monmouth Coffee Company, which maintains the high standard of antipodean cafés in London.

Food wise, European dishes are given Asian and Mediterranean fusion twists, much like what is served-up at Gordon’s The Providores.  All dishes clean are fresh and very well presented.  During the week, pre-theathre customers are encouraged to share platters and smaller tapas style dishes, though full sixed meals are available.

For the weekend brunch, the poached Turkish eggs are lovely, which come in a bowl filled with yoghurt and light spices; perfect for dipping bread into.  Also, Gordon’s hollandaise is properly prepared, unlike in so many London eateries.  He replaces the standard acidity of a lemon for fashionable yuzu, which works well over the hot smoked salmon.

While you can book a table, the turn-over is very fast, so you shouldn’t end-up waiting very long.  You also have the added benefit of bar, where you can enjoy a drink while you wait.

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