The Jugged Hare // The City // London

Open for about two years now, The Jugged Hare is a sister pub/restaurant of The Gun in Canary Wharf. Tucked in behind the Barbican complex, it has a bar in the front, restaurant in the back and private dining downstairs. The atmosphere is Victorian bistro, in the same style of  Dean Street Townhouse. It delivers hearty food based around an offer of high quality meat, including some lesser seen options like its tasty namesake; the hare. Recipes are traditional with a French brasserie finish.

Though don’t been fooled by thinking that this is just a pub with a dining room. The Jugged Hare has quickly built its reputation and has become a favourite with City locals and workers. Try to stroll in and ask for a table and you’ll most probably be disappointed. The restaurant is guarded by a formidable hostess that controls who gets in, and that will only be those on her list.

Why not try their authentic, traditional blood pudding, which when cut open is velvety and soft, almost more in a Spanish morcilla style. It is very good quality and perfectly cooked. The pig’s trotter is also another tasty option, tender and rich in a luxurious sauce.

For mains, The Jugged Hare is bistro chic. The lemon sole is perfectly cooked in season Grenobloise style, with capers, beurre noisette, lemon and parsley. Also well done is house specialty; the jugged hare. Tender, shredded meat has been cooked slowly for hours with fragrant juniper berries and in the hare’s own blood. Served in, (what else?) a jug, this dish is a great conversation piece and is also mouth wateringly good. If you’re not feeling so adventurous, they also offer a range of rare breed meats to cook on their rather smart char-grill.

The Jugged Hare is perfect for a casual meal during the week and a Sunday catch-up with friends. But just be warned, you need to book to get past the iron lady.

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