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As vialaporte is growing every day, we need more writers to help us unlock the truth about restaurant reviews. Content on our website is provided by a syndicated group of writers.  If you share our love of eating, believe in our philosophy and feel that your reviews would be at home on vialaporte, then we would love to hear from you.


To join us, all you’ll need to do is to send us a review of your own from any restaurant in London, or from a day trip.  If we like your style, we will ask you to write two more reviews of restaurants that are not yet on our site. If we like them too, we will publish them and welcome you to vialaporte, to contribute as much or as little as you like.  To sign-up, please fill the form on the right. We will also get in contact with you to arrange a meeting so we can discuss further about your passion in food and cooking. It’s important that people joining our team have a strong understanding in “art de la table”.

At vialaporte we promote the “add value” of a chef and their quality of understanding their passion and respect of “cuisine”. We tend not to be just foodies looking for the latest place opened or “in the buzz”. We reward excellent in the long term.


As part of the vialaporte team, after 5 reviews on the website, you’ll be receiving a set of official marketing cards from vialaporte. After 10 reviews, you’ll be receiving your personal vialaporte “critic cards” pack.

So what about joining us now. Let’s get writing.

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