Hush // Mayfair // London

If there was a place to fall in love with in London, it would definitely be Lancashire Court.  Nowhere is more romantic than this hidden courtyard in Mayfair.  At its centre is a secret garden with, light, candles and plants; the terrace at Hush.  The setting couldn’t be more perfect, though unfortunately, the rest doesn’t live-up to the same expectation.

First of all, forget about any privacy.  With a number of other bars close-by, the whole area is noisy as hell.  No doubt you’ll end-up surrounded by business men drinking to release their stress after a busy day.  That in itself isn’t a problem, it’s just that if you’re looking for quiet and intimate environment, this is not a place for you.

You might expect that a place with smart decor would serve modern European cuisine.  Sadly, it’s more along the lines of pub food. Burgers, fish cakes, and even macaroni cheese (!), with absolutely no effort made to make it a bit special or to justify the price.  Portions are small, but that might be a blessing in disguise for the creamy dishes, which are too rich.  Service is either absent or in a hurry to see you go.

The best way to enjoy Hush is to compromise and to go just for a drink.  However, despite the real advantage of having all the wines available by the glass as well the bottle, their stiff prices will prevent you from having too many glasses.

So in the end, go for the settings and location, certainly not the food.

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