The Gun // Canary Wharf // London

Happily sitting on the eastern fringe of Canary Wharf is the Gun; a lovely gastro pub with a superb view on the O2.

The Gun is the perfect spot for a sunny Sunday brunch beside the Thames.  The terrace is really nice, though be careful not to go on a windy day, you might not enjoy the view so much if you’re being swept away.

All year round, this lovely pub serves traditional English food (mainly inside), which is well presented and delivered to nicely dressed tables.  Though, be aware that your dinner might be interrupted as the drinking side of the pub is very too close to the dining room.

The best way to appreciate The Gun is to head there for a Sunday roast.  A table on Sunday is a highly sought after commodity, especially if you want to enjoy the view, so don’t forget to book ahead.

Food wise, The Gun displays some above expectation cooking skill.  Asparagus, courgette and radish broth with poached Suffolk pousin and foie-gras tortellini is typical of dishes on their menu.  Perhaps too many flavours for one plate, but you can’t fault them for pushing gastro pub boundaries.

Worth knowing too is that during the summertime, The Gun have a joint venture with a Portuguese crew that fire-up a grelha style BBQ.  It’s not cheap (though these kind of fashionable London experiments never are), but if you fancy a whole fresh fish from Billingsgate Market being cooked for you with authentic Portuguese flavour, give it a try.

Overall, The Gun is more than a simple local pub, the question is, does it try to go too far?..  Perhaps a touch overdone on the decor and menu, but still a very enjoyable place to spend a sunny afternoon.  Otherwise, it might be a bit far to go, unless you’re over that way anyway.

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