Guilo Guilo // 18ème // Paris

In the heart of shabby chic Montmartre, the buzz about Guilo-Guilo has been non-stop since the day it opened. Its success in Kyoto and Hawaii as well as Paris is no surprise, with its fun atmosphere and creative food. Guilo’s chef in Paris, known as Eda, enthusiastically welcomes diners to perch on one of the bar stools around a square counter to watch chefs prep and serve food with some DJ music on in the background. Guilo’s style is a fusion of artistic, Japanese cuisine and French products, and with no menu, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy what is put in front of you!

Our experience kicked-off with octopus, prawns and strawberry crush sashimi, which might sound a little unbelievable. However, the clever mix of acidity and sweetness of the fruit helps to balance the fishiness of the seafood; a super start.

Next is an Asian style cream velouté with chicken, tofu and pea shoots. The rich Asian flavours of the dish are really lit up by its soya flavours, which give a really comforting feel. The velouté is velvety and filling, with the shredded chicken balancing out the flavour and the pea shoots adding some fresh crunch.

A stewed and marinated mackerel fillet is then served with a fish consommé sorbet! Cold and hot elements at same time play with the boundaries of pan-Asian-French cooking. The same fusion can be seen in the white asparagus and brisket tempura. The asparagus just melts like butter over the juicy meat with its crisp exterior; both rich and fresh again.

Extras like foie gras can be added to certain courses to increase the wow factor too. For the sushi, the foie gras is cooked in front of you with the pan juices used a dressing for the roll. If you like foie gras, don’t miss this.

And finally, the one think that you can usually skip at an Asian restaurant is dessert, but at Guilo-Guilo, there is a selection of European-Asian delicacies. We had rose water jelly and cheese cake, which again was fun and balanced. Guilo’s desserts are always good and are just as challenging as the savoury courses.

Once your meal is done (as everyone starts at the same time) Eda is likely to turn-up the music for you to enjoy a cocktail as the team winds-down; a great way to end a true fusion dining experience.