Frapin // a Cognac of excellence…

Owned by the Frapin-Cointreau family with its wine making history dating all the way back to the 12th century, Frapin Cognac is regarded as one of the finest brands in the world. So what makes Frapin such a unique Cognac brand? The Cognac house is located in the Grande Champagne region and only uses grapes from its own vineyard. Grande Champagne is considered as the best region for ageing high-quality Cognac. The crumbly, chalky soil in this area, with its steady water supply means the grapes from the region provide a rich and complex taste which is ideal for a long-ageing process.

Frapin chateau“Frapin is located in the very heart of the Grande Champagne region, and we have the largest single vineyard area in the region with almost 300 hectares,” explains Philippe Manfredini, International Director. “This is the area which produces the most elegant, complex and long lived Cognacs, and Frapin Cognacs have a very distinct, attractive fruit flavour while retaining a complex and concentrated bouquet. Great care is taken; distillation is still controlled by hand, with many many years of experience as a guide rather than a computer.”

Everything from the harvesting, all the way down to the bottling is handled by Frapin themselves. Unlike other brands, Frapin doesn’t buy stock from other wine growers, it grows its own grapes and distils its own wine; everything is handled in-house without any added flavouring or colouring which is extremely rare. (For those who aren’t familiar, most major Cognac brands such as Hennessy and Martell use additional colouring in their Cognac to make it appear older.)

“Frapin is unique in many ways,” explains Patrice Piveteau, cellarmaster at Cognac Frapin, “we can talk about the extra ageing each style receives, but the best way to understand and experience what a difference those additional years can make, is to taste the final product.”

As Patrice suggested, the vialapote team put together tasting notes from three of Frapin’s products.

Frapin VSOP Cognac Grande ChampagneFrapin VSOP

On the nose: a hint of vanilla and fruit

Taste: floral with a sweet hint of summer berries

A very special VSOP indeed, elegant on the palate, complex with a smooth finish


Frapin XO Cognac VIPFrapin VIP XO

On the nose: Oriental spices and floral notes

Taste: rich, full-bodied with a hint of spices and spring flowers

A complex and refined Cognac with a long finish, just like how a good XO Cognac should be


Frapin XO Cognac Chateau de Fontpinot Grande ChampagneFrapin XO Chateau de Fontpinot 

On the nose: citrus fruit and raisin

Taste: rich with sweet notes of dry fruits and flowers

A very fruity and floral Cognac but in the style of an XO, a rare beast

At vialaporte, we suggest you to try Frapin Cognac paired with Beaufort d’été cheese as an after dinner treat. The creamy, floral and nutty flavours from the cheese are in perfect harmony with the rich and complexity of Frapin Cognac.

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