En Marge ★ // Toulouse // France

Toulouse and the southwest of France is a place that every serious foodie needs to visit in his or her life. Famous for its wines and dishes like the cassoulet, you won’t be disappointed by what this region has to offer. If you are looking for more of a fine culinary experience, some of the best cooking can be found at the Amphytrion or Michel Sarran in the centre of the city. But by making a quick trip to Restaurant En Marge just outside the city, you’ll find a truly inventive restaurant set in a typical old Toulouse farmhouse.

Franck Renimel and his team have created a unique atmosphere in the heart of the Midi-Pyrénées. After having a wander around the estate, you’ll get a sense of the stunning setting and the perfect meal that you are about to enjoy.

Renimel is a truffle enthusiast and expert, so if you go during winter, a truffle dish is a must. Though, there will always be a great selection of classic dishes. The John dory with its black curry powder is an inventive dish, with the beetroot and parsnip marrying-up well. En Marge is known for its high-level technique and daring mixes, but it’s the chef’s cheese creations that really stand-out. The melting violet and blue cheese is exceptional, especially the simple violet mustard which is fruity and strong at the same time; simply amazing. Same goes for the post dessert, cigar and tobacco, which is ideally placed during the meal.

En Marge deserves its star for its technical displays alone, though while Renimel’s creativity sets him apart from other chefs, sometimes his combinations can really push boundaries. But as a diner, it’s always a nice surprise to discover new combinations that you wouldn’t expect to work together; bravo.