Dragoncello // Nothing Hill // London

Dragoncello is one of these restaurants that is so good, you’ll not even want to tell your best friends about it. However, to be fair to the owner Tobia Speranza and the chef Monserrato Marini, vialaporte is pleased to share this little gem.

The dining room is small but stylish and gives off a feeling of true comfort. The owner is frequently there to welcome you himself and to take you through the menu, wine list and specials. And if needed, the chef doesn’t hesitate to give directions from the kitchen!

Without a doubt, these two are great friends, which is one of the reasons why this place is so special. Because of that, diners feel part of the friendship, while sharing a delicious Italian experience with food and wine that doesn’t disappoint.

To start with, make sure to slow down with the chef’s focaccia. This one is a real killer and once you start dipping it in the tasty olive oil, you won’t be able to stop. His crafty trick is to cook the flatbread in the oven at a low temperature for a few hours to make it grow and cook at the same time.

Then what to order? It’s tough given the appealing menu, though the linguine with lobster is one of the chef’s specialties. The sauce is delicate and the mix between the shellfish and pasta is absolutely perfect. Salads are well balanced too but what you will really appreciate overall is the freshness and selection of all ingredients – fish, cheese or ham. Wine wise, trust their recommendations and you’ll be pleased that you did.

What will make you go back again and again to Dragoncello is the warmth of the welcome, the chat with the owner, the tips from the chef about his tomato sauce, the whole atmosphere and obviously the food, all of which will make you addicted to this “feel good” restaurant. For this reason alone, Dragoncello deserves to be in next year’s Michelin guide. See for yourself and enjoy a wonderful experience.

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