The Crabtree // Hammersmith // London

Spending hours in the pub is definitely a British way of life.  Their atmosphere is friendly and they are usually good places to meet friends for casual events.  Right on the banks of the Thames is The Crabtree; a pub that has different spaces to suit your mood.

In the bar, leather armchairs and couches create a cosy atmosphere for drinks.  In the dining room, long, rustic wood tables are ready to welcome families for lunch.  For a more romance spot, the weeping willows on the patio by the river couldn’t be more perfect.  And if that wasn’t enough, there are even more tables outside in an other garden.

Different menus are served in areas too.  In the garden, there’s a giant barbecue where you can order burgers and a range of other grilled meats; perfect for kids.  In the restaurant, a traditional à la carte menu offers pub classics like the beer-battered fish and chips with tartar sauce or a Sunday roast, with beef, pork, chicken and vegetarian options available.  The Yorkshire pudding might be a bit greasy and there is certainly too much gravy, but portions are tasty and generous.  Go for the mussels as a starter, as the creamy sauce might be a bit much as a main. And for dessert, the sticky pudding is good but the sauce would be nicer if it was less sugary.

Service isn’t what you might expect in a restaurant, but as you’re at the pub, so all is forgiven.  Enjoy the atmosphere and your company; the lovely setting is likely to help you forget some criticisms.

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