Coq D’Argent // The City // London

For most people, Coq d’Argent conjures up two images. The first is the verdant rooftop terrace, which is undeniably one of the best to enjoy an after-work drink when London is at its glorious, sunny best. The second image – owing to its location, is corporate City dining. Though perhaps there is more to the Coq than meets the eye? Whilst it’s true that the main dining room is well used by business folk, Coq d’Argent offers some extremely well priced menus and serves-up some very high quality food. Adding that up with the great design and the professional service, we think this restaurant needs to be discovered by more diners.

The mushroom parfait is a wonderfully light, flavoursome starter. Beautifully presented, this colourful dish balances an earthy mushroom flavour with a rich coating of port jelly. Surrounding the parfait is a sprinkling of pickled baby vegetables that have been carefully sliced into crisp ribbons. The effect is both rich and refreshing, and is lifted with a hint of truffle in the vinaigrette.

The cod main, which may sound like one of the least interesting meals, has been given some terrific Mediterranean treatment. Tenderly cooked in butter, the fish is given a luxurious crisp finish while the interior remains moist and soft. The olive oil purée has a good strong taste of potato and fresh green zing from the oil. The slightly acidic flavour of the selfish and crab jus against the fish and the olive mash is a wonderful combination, while tender mussels and white crab meat add a final flourish of flavour.

Coq d’Argent’s classic French menus, with creative twists and elegant presentation certainly exceeded our dining expectations. It’s worth remembering too, that on top of the weekday breakfast-to-dinner service, it offers Saturday brunch and Sunday lunch menus; the perfect spot for sunny afternoon.

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