Chotto Matte // Soho // London

When you walk through the hustle and bustle of Soho’s streets, it would be hard to miss the suave sophistication of the three-level complex which is Chotto Matte. You could easily think that you were stepping into a swanky New York club, which is no surprise as its creator is Kurt Zdesar, the same man who made Nobu a household name in London. The decor is artistically tasteful and offers elements of candid surprise, indicative of Chotto Matte’s Peruvian / Japanese fusion.

The menu is divided into sections based on preparation method – hot, cold, sautéed, barbecue etc.

Try the scallop tiradito, with its sweet, soft slices of raw shellfish that melt in your mouth. They’re perked-up by some chilli and salty, sour undertones, which dance around in your mouth. The seabass ceviche with sweet potato and Peruvian corn is another favourite. The freshness of the fish is highlighted by its opaque sheen and it’s brought to life with a refreshing tarty citrus sauce. Another dish that will impress is the octopus with yuzu and Peruvian purple potato. The octopus is perfectly charred with a smoky grill flavour and is served with a slight crust and a perfectly tender centre.

Onto desserts, and the one to try is the pineapple toban “yaki” (a Peruvian twist on the conventional British crumble), consisting of pineapple cooked in a small clay pot with a “chicha morada” crumble, accentuated by spices such as cinnamon and cloves. The crunchiness of the crumble is perfectly balanced by the creamy dollop of vanilla ice-cream. Not quite as good though is the peanut parfait with frangelico, which isn’t as tantalising as it sounds. The presence of the peanut butter is rather faint and the body of the parfait itself could do with more textural layers. 

Overall, dishes deliver on flavour and definitely satisfy the “you eat with your eyes” requirement, as each one is impeccably presented with vibrant colours and delicate arrangements. Ambience is funky, edgy and cool – perfect for a date night or for a catch-up with friends. With such a convenient location, it’s ideal for a Central London meal with an exotic twist.

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