Bright Courtyard // Marylebone // London

Bright Court offers what a lot of other Chinese restaurants don’t; a tranquil environment and chaos-free service. Not only that, it also serves a range of dishes – some authentic, some fusion – that you might not have seen before, as well as the usual suspects. Plates are dressed in an elegant style, which makes the most of the meals that might otherwise come presented in a standard Asian canteen style.

Classic dishes like pan-fried turnip patties and BBQ pork buns are a great way to start-off a meal. The patties are oozing with flavour and have a crunchy exterior to hold the wobbly treat together. The buns have the expected rich meaty filling, enveloped in the deep viscous sauce that makes them so more-ish; great stuff.

Though, it’s the additions to the menu that really make Bright Courtyard a great place to eat. The intricately layered steamed Malaysian sponge cake is one of them. Delicately flavoured with coconut and spices, this eggy sponge is as light as it is a feat of culinary engineering. Also good is the selection of mushrooms, which is laid-out beautifully and covered with a truffled sauce, making their woody and earthy flavours hum.

For something really different, try the silky tofu with its abalone sauce; a real revelation. It’s hard to imagine how the chef manages to create such a melting centre to the crisp tofu, which is astonishing on its own. Then, when teamed-up with the irony salty sauce, the lightness of the tofu and the richness of the abalone dressing will leave you one very satisfied customer.

Looking around, you’ll see other diners trying elaborate dishes that you didn’t spot on the menu. It’s not hard to see why with the enormous choice of dishes on offer. For that reason alone, Bright Courtyard is a great place to choose to discover something new. It’s made even better by the relaxing environment.

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