Brasserie Zédel // Soho // London

No time or money to get to Paris to enjoy a very good brasserie? Well, there is no need to worry as Paris has come to London in the form of Braserrie Zédel.  Located off Piccadilly Circus in the former Regent Street Palace Hotel, this beaux art treasure has brought a touch of 1930s luxury back for the London dining public, for a surprisingly reasonable price.

After a good stiff negroni, the waiting staff are quick on their feet and give high quality service.  Despite their busyness, the restaurant is calm and relaxed.  You won’t need to ask for anything as the service is fluid, polite and professional.

Food wise, you’ll find relatively modest portions, which match-up with the low prices, which is the formula that brasseries have always thrived on.  Dishes on the menu range from Alsacian choucroute, which is nicely served in a copper pan, to simple entrées such as classic frogs legs and a tasty terrine de Jambon persillée – a ham hock terrine.

Everything is what you expect from a brasserie like le Grand Colbert or la Coupole in Paris. For desert, try the melt in your mouth saverin, which is spot on. Brasserie Zédel (part of renowned Rex Group running amongst others the Wolseley) has succeeded in creating a true tour de force, and Michelin hasn’t been wrong is awarding them a Bib Gourmand for their efforts.  At Zédel they do brasserie food and they do it well; oh là là, zut alors!


in celebration of Bastille Day, anyone who comes to eat at Brasserie Zédel after 5pm on Monday 14th July wearing a stripy blue and white Breton shirt and a beret will be entitled to a complimentary Menu Formule three course meal (valued at £19.75). This is the second year Brasserie Zédel have run this promotion.

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