Bocca Di Lupo // Soho // London

In London, a proper night out should always have a stop in Soho, the pulsing heart of the capital.  However, it’s an absolute maze of streets, so it’s best to know where you’re going before getting lost.  Archer Street, although just of Piccadilly Circus, can be one of those difficult places to find.  Once you arrive in this tiny alley, your eyes will catch sight of the ice cream shop, Gelupo, and on the other side of the road you’ll find its mother restaurant, Bocca Di Lupo.  Don’t worry that the building is nondescript, that is certainly not the case with the cuisine they serve.

In the spirit of any local trattoria, guests are served specialities from different regions across Italy, which are noted in the menu.  As they come in two sizes they can be shared, which is a great way to discover lots of new tastes.  The choice of grilled seafood and meat is gratifying (particularly the fantastic pork chop), but the best things to go for are the more unheard-of Italian options.

For once it’s a pleasure to have pasta (home-made of course) with sauces that you might not have tried before, like the fazzoletti with broad beans, basil and Pecorino.  Or to go for one of the traditional stews; it’s unlike that you’ve had the veal tongue before!  And as for sides, the caponata and wet polenta should not be missed.

With the desserts, they are unusual as well, like the bonet or the cassata Siciliana, which are two kinds of soft cake.  Or, you could simply enjoy one of their wolfy gelatos.

Overall, Bocca Di Lupo is a really pleasant experience at an affordable price, with great service to boot.

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