Bob Bob Ricard // Soho // London

As you enter Bob Bob Ricard, you might feel like you’ve just entered Restaurant Prunier in Paris. Walking through the lobby, lavishly decorated with black marble, smooth brass, gold and shininess everywhere, waiters will seat you in some of the most beautiful banquettes in London, where you discover BBR’s now infamous Champagne buttons. Turquoise and pale pink, the colour scheme is in complete harmony, though that’s where the harmony stops.

On opening the first page of the menu, it’s clear that things aren’t going to stack-up. A massive selection of caviar might make you wonder what this elaborate diner has to hide.  When you start to lavish gold leaf on a dish, you know that there’s going to be a problem. We’re sorry to say it’s the same with caviar.

Indeed, the colour carnival surrounding you, the luxurious decor and the super professional staff will almost certainly make this sad discovery feel all the more disappointing; Bob Bob Ricard is Z list gastronomy. Real foodies shouldn’t even consider visiting just to see the interior, particularly since you can’t even just pop-in for a drink at the bar.

The three cheese soufflé lacks flavour and has an unpleasant texture. Though this doesn’t sink to the depths of the Jerusalem artichokes soup, which is no more than a glass of thin warm milk with added colour. It’s hard to imagine that an artichoke would even recognise itself in the reflection!

Main dishes? Why should we talk about them? Certainly because of their unappealing simplicity, without even being particularly satisfying…  If you’re looking for a great onglet, go to Bistrot Bruno Loubet, if you want a mouth-watering burger, go to Patty and Bun.

Food wise, BBR is beyond comprehension. If you’re brave enough to go and try for yourself, you’ll certainly be wowed by the sumptuous, chic decor and a vibrant atmosphere, but you’ll be frustrated that this place (with an unbelievable potential) can’t get the menu/food right. If you do end-up going, make sure you push the Champagne button, it will be the best thing you do all night….

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