Aurelia // Mayfair // London

Discreetly located in a back street of Mayfair, Aurelia is a safe haven where you can relax after a hectic day at work. The best way to start your visit is with a nice cocktail at the bar. Tucked-in the back of the restaurant, you’ll get an overall view of the dining room where you can really soak-up its trendy-chic charm. Aurelia’s list of martini, classic and signature cocktails is extensive, so you’ll certainly find something to help you start the relaxation process off well.

When it comes time to eat, you can choose between either starting with tapas or going straight for one of Aurelia’s signature dishes. To share, there are charcuterie boards, as well as pizzas; each one looking more tempting than the last. Otherwise, the octopus carpaccio or the creamy burrata with tomato confit are definitely worth a try. Everything is fresh, tasty and very enjoyable. The selection is even broad enough to create yourself a grazing dinner with the tapas alone.

As for mains, lasagne as a dish of the day is a good choice. Neither too dry nor too creamy, it’s cooked in individual portion with an appealing browned-cheese top. Fish wise, the fillet of wild sea bass with artichoke and clams shouldn’t be missed. The flakes of dried artichoke add a nice crunchy touch to the white fish and its light broth.

To finish (if you have room) you can share a selection of cheeses, including delicious manchego curado, or plump for the chocolate fondant with its hazelnut ice-cream and orange compote. With a perfectly melting centre, you may want to think twice before asking for a second spoon!  It really tastes as good as it looks; particularly the ice-cream which is absolutely divine.

So, if you need a relaxing evening in Mayfair, Aurelia is definitely a great place to try.

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