Arganic Argan Oil // A Gourmet’s Secret

Dana ElemaraArganic founder Dana Elemara began her love for cooking as a child when from the age of 11 she would regularly prepare meals for the family. Born and bred in London but with Middle Eastern roots, Dana was exposed to a wide range of cuisines and ingredients to cook with that she would get at the local Arabic shop or on holidays abroad.


She picked-up the Arabic tradition of loving to host and feed people and would often have friends asking her what she put in her creations that made them taste so unique. Dana had heard about argan oil through relatives that were raving about it but found it difficult to get a hold of in the UK. It was then that she decided to leave her mathematical and corporate background behind and the idea for Arganic came about.

Luckily Dana had friends living in Morocco who put her in contact with the right people. The more she learned about this oil, the more she fell in love with it and the important social impact it plays for women in Morocco.

The vialaporte team has tested Dana’s argan oil and was impressed by the strong, nutty background flavour, as well as its texture which is lucious and smooth. To really show off the magic properties of argan oil, try this recipe from ***3 star Parisian chef Alain Passard.

 Smoked Aubergine “Caviar” with Argan Oil

For 4 people: 
– 2 aubergines Rania F1 (special variety) 200g each
– 2 dessertspoons of argan oil
– 1 teaspoon finely diced ginger
– 1 pinch of “quatre épices” (ground pepper (white, black, or both), cloves, nutmeg and ginger)
– 1 pinch of sea salt
– 1 stem of coriander


– Char the aubergines on a gas element (or with a blow-torch), turn the aubergine until the skin is blackened all over and the flesh becomes soft

– Delicately scoop-out the smoked pulp and mix it with the argan oil, ginger and chopped corriander

– Season with the salt and the spices

– Serve directly

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