Alain Ducasse Menu // Versailles // 18 Courses of luxury

Grand Chef Alain Ducasse holding a constellation of stars cooked 18 dishes for the French head of state François Hollande and his Chinese counterpart for a private dinner at the Grand Trianon in Versailles (27/03/14)

  • From the King Kitchen Garden, vegetables in a salt crust, condiments
  • Frogs legs, sorrel sauce
  • Warm guinea fowl pâté with truffle
  • Langoustine Raviolo, consommé
  • Spring miniature vegetables served two ways – cooked and raw
  • John Dory, caviar, beetroot
  • Morel and fondant gnocchi
  • Sole from “little boat” in thick fillet, shells
  • Line-caught turbot, black truffle
  • Lobster and Jerusalem artichokes
  • Baby pigeon, celery and peanuts
  • Olive-studded sweetbreads
  • Saddle of suckling Lamb, aubergine, satureja
  • Exotic Vacherin (layered ice cream cake with meringue)
  • Vanilla mille-feuille
  • Red berrie elixir
  • Nuts
  • Pear

Source Le Point France