Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester★★★ // Mayfair // London

The Dorchester has had a serious chef leading the troupe for a few years now.  Alain Ducasse doesn’t manage this restaurant directly, he prefers to work between his two other amazing restaurant in Paris (Plaza Athenée) and Monte-Carlo (Louis XV).  Instead, he has appointed Jocelyn Herland as the Executive Chef to manage this high-level outpost in the renowned Dorchester Hotel on Park Lane.

The restaurant is worth a detour for the decor alone, as interior designer Patrick Jouin has created something spectacular in quite a standard space.  The private dining room in the middle of the restaurant is an oval cascade of Swarovski crystals that encases the diners within; a superb welcome with the high level of sparkle.

When you arrive in the dining room, you’ll feel like you’ve enter a world of perfection.  The noise level is very low, waiters are lined-up, smiling and welcoming.  As you are led to your table, you won’t help but notice some plates on other tables.  What you’ll see is people literally eating pieces of art.

Here at Alain Ducasse, there are no gimmicks, just pure quality food, as graceful as Johan Strauss’ waltz; pure and enjoyable.  The velouté of pumpkin with foie-gras is simple, but with the most unbelievable taste.  The foie-gras has been pan-fried and covered with the rich and tasty soup.

The carpaccio of scallops with wasabi and truffle is also outstanding.  The creamy rich truffle sauce surrounds the scallops, which are lightly seasoned and dressed with and olive oil.

And the quality is just as high with the deserts.  The apple tart is made-out of a granny-smith sorbet and just melts in the mouth.  Just acidic enough to refresh your palette at the end of this gastronomic concert.

Then, when you think you’ve seen all the surprises, ask for an infusion tea and a full garden will appear at your table with herbs pots and scissors; choose what you want and enjoy.

Alain Ducasse approach at The Dorchester is classical and traditional, bordering on perfection.  He certainly fulfills all expectations with his stylish take of three-star dining.

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