Our philosophy

At vialaporte, we think that restaurant ratings can be too driven by PR hype and not driven enough by the quality of food and service.  The problem with that is, ratings can end-up setting the wrong expectations in readers’ minds.

Our reviews let you know if Michelin has got it right when they award their stars, bibs and cutlery. We do this by counter reviewing their reviews.

After we’ve visited a restaurant, we give it one of our three rating keys so you can know if it:

exceeded expectation met expectation, or fell below expectation.

You’ll see these rating keys on the top right of every page on our site.

Sometimes we’ll review restaurants that haven’t made it into the guide, which are new or simply over-looked.

As they won’t have a Michelin rating to counter review, we’ll give them a rating key to let you know if they’re setting the right level of expectation in the way they pitch themselves to diners.

Also, the menu on the left of each page lets you know about some the best places to eat-out in London, fantastic dining experiences, as well as great restaurants for day trips.

We want vialaporte to be your reference for checking restaurant quality.

We want to unlock the truth about restaurant reviews.